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The Café

    The Donovans Chocolates café combines a real working chocolate factory with a cafe and gift shop. Sit down in the cafe and enjoy espresso coffees, hot chocolates made with real chocolate and a great selection of delicious food from the seasonal menu and cabinet.


    Café menu available from Monday – Friday 8:00am – 2:00pm:

     Donovans Café Menu

    EGGS YOUR WAY (gfo)

    Served on ciabatta $12.50


    EGGS BENE (gfo)

    - Streaky bacon, poached eggs, spinach served on ciabatta with hollandaise $17

    - Smoked salmon, poached eggs, spinach served on ciabatta with hollandaise $18



    Butterscotch mascarpone, banana, toasted pecans & salted caramel sauce $16

    - Add bacon $19



    Avocado, streaky bacon, feta on a toasted bagel  $16

    -Add poached egg for $2



    Egg, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, ciabatta, sausage, tomato $18



    Same as mini but BIGGER!  $22


    KUMARA STACK (gf, vg)

    Kumara rostis, portabello mushroom, avocado, capsicum chutney, topped with a poached egg  $18



    3 fillings.

    Choose from cheese, ham, tomato, mushroom, pineapple, onion, bacon, fried egg $7



    Chefs fried chicken, swiss cheese, crunchy slaw and housemade burger sauce.  Served with fries $19



    180gram beef pattie, mesclun, chedder cheese, tomato, aioli, BBQ & onion rings.  Served with fries  $19

    Add an egg for $2


    NACHOS (gf)

    Beef mince, corn chips, cheese, sweetcorn salsa, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce  $14



    Your choice of chefs fried chicken or tempura fish, slaw, aioli, cheese and sweetcorn salsa $16



    Served with housemade aioli $10



    Hashbrown $3 for 2                Bacon $5 for 3 rashers                Egg $2 each

    Salmon $5                Gluten free toast $2


    Please order at the counter.

    GF – gluten free GFO – gluten free option


    KIDS MENU (all meals come with a keris juice/fluffy):

    - Chicken tenders and chips

    - Chocolate Fairy bread pancakes with ice cream

    - Cheese toastie with little red sausages


    Please order at the counter. 

    Some options available G/f – please enquire

    Please note that cabinet food changes daily 

    Catering Menu

    Please contact the café on 07 847 5771 to request a copy of our delicious catering menu to see the wide range of options.

    Please allow 3-5 working days’ notice for orders.

    Morning Tea / Afternoon Tea - $10.00 per person

    A selection of 2 items from the Cold, Hot or Sweet selection.

    Lunch - $18.00 per person

    Ideal for board meetings. Selection of 5 items from the Cold, Hot or Sweet selection.

    Platters - A minimum of 10 people per platter - $8.00 per person

    Add Juice - POA

    Add additional Item - $3.00 per person - Prices are excluding GST. 

    V = Vegetarian

    Cold Selection
    Pinwheels - Chicken, Sandwiches - Club, Bagel - Salmon, Roll - Salmon, Croissants - Filled, Bagel - Filled (various), Pinwheel - Avocado (V), Rolls - Pisolet (Various fillings), Rolls - Ciabatta (Various fillings), Roll - Asparagus (V), Fruit Kebab (V), Turkish Fingers, Wraps.

    Hot Selection
    Savouries - Mixed, Caramelised Onion and Feta Tarts (V), Kebab - Chicken, Kofta - Lamb, Pizza - Ham & Pineapple, Pizza - Vegetarian (V), Croissants - Savoury (Served Hot), Kebab - Beef, Beef Nuggets wrapped in Bacon, Quiche - Bacon, Quiche - Vegetarian (V), Samosas (V).

    Sweet Selection
    Brownie - Chocolate Fudge (V), Scones with cream, butter & Jam (V), Cookies - mixed (V), Danishes - Sweet (V), Cake - Carrot cake slice (V), Muffins - Sweet with butter (V), Muffins - Mixed sweet and savoury with butter, Cake - Chocolate cake slice (V), Danishes - mixed sweet & savoury (V), Danishes - Savoury (V), Fruit Tartlets (V), Muffins - Savoury with butter, Cake - Carrot (Whole) (V), Cake - Chocolate (Whole).

    Platters (Minimum 10 people/portions)
    Fruit & Cake/Slice Platter (V), Fruit Platter - Large selection (V), Fruit Platter - Small selection (V), Fruit & Cheese Platter (V), Fruit Kebab and Slice Platter (V).

    Gluten Free
    We have a large selection of Gluten Free options, please request a copy of our catering menu to view the range


    Cafe Hours

    Monday - Friday: 8:00am to 2.30pm. 
    Closed Weekends and Public Holidays
    Café menu available: Monday - Friday 8.00am - 2.30pm.

    Gluten Free options available on request.

    07 847 5771